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Acapella Festival

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Welcome at amarcord.
Immerse yourself in our world of vocal music and let yourself be fascinated by the diversity of the human voice.
March 08th 2015
Spring in Spain

We are currently experiencing pre-spring conditions in the Galician town of Ourense, near Santiago de Compostela. It's rather nice to be such a visible part of the 8th International Music Festival Ourense....

December 20th 2014
Farewell from the Hilliard Ensemble

Dear David, Gordon, Rogers, and Steven – dear Hilliards!

Today is not going to be an easy day for you. After forty years on stage together, you will be giving your last concert tonight....

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  • Soundcheck vorbei...heute feiern wir 850 Jahre Nikolaikirche Leipzig. Frage für Kenner: Welches zeitgenössische Werk steht laut 2. Pult-Anordnung mit auf dem Programm...? mehr
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  • Thanks a lot to everyone that was part of this year's Internationales Festival für Vokalmusik "a cappella" and Internationaler A Cappella Wettbewerb Leipzig from the five of us! You made this 16th (and 9th) edition a very special event with great music, good mood and lots of inspirational encounters! We can't wait for no. 17! More pics from this year you'll find here: And now off for some rest...for one day... ? mehr
  • Der Startschuss zum 16. a cappella-Festival in Leipzig ist abgefeuert...! mehr
  • Ruhe vor dem einer Stunde heißt es GO! mehr
  • Getting everyone and -thing ready for tonight when Leipzig is gonna be the a cappella hotspot of the world for ten days once more...! ...STEADY... mehr
  • Having sung our "Armarium" in the beautiful and acoustically amazing church of Kloster Romainmôtier yesterday we're already on our way back home to enter the hot phase of preparation of the upcoming Internationales Festival für Vokalmusik "a cappella"...READY... mehr
  • A mystical atmosphere lies over this place...the perfect spot for "Armarium"! mehr
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